GS Andiamo Scholarship program

GS Andiamo Scholarship


Rachael Wilson

Head coach, bike fitter, lifetime athlete

Rachael is a highly experienced, category 1 USAC licensed coach and professional bike fitter who has numerous years of experience coaching and instructing junior, U23, and senior level athletes.

Melissa Locher

head coach, team director, lifetime athlete

Melissa is a category 3 UASC licensed coach as well as team director of GS Andiamo.

Hunter Wilson

Coach, gs andiamo alumni

Hunter is currently a category 1 cyclist racing for Team California as well as a category 3 coach with years of experience riding and racing bikes

Sean Wilson, PhD


Sean is a category 1 USAC licensed coach and ex-pro with decades of coaching and instructional experience.


Devin Wilson

Mentor, GS Andiamo Alumni

Devin is a category 2 cyclist with years of experience in racing, riding, and skills instruction.

Evan Larson

Mentor, Junior Athlete

Evan is a category 3 cyclist and junior GS Andiamo athlete with highly advanced knowledge in on-bike skills and instruction.

Kevin Locher

Mentor, Junior athlete

Kevin is a category 4 cyclist and junior GS Andiamo athlete with highly advanced knowledge in on-bike skills and instruction

Risk Management

GS Andiamo has a risk management program for supporters of youth cycling. This program is designed to meet current California and national requirements and is based on other widely used risk management strategies employed by other youth athletic organizations. If you are in contact with youth athletes at any GS Andiamo function then this program is for you. This includes coaches, team directors, mentors, volunteers, and any other support or directing staff. If you have any questions regarding this policy contact Sean Wilson who is coordinating this effort

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