Skills development, safety, clinics & camps

Skills Development & Safety

Cycling Safety

Introductory traffic safety and group riding safety education programs are provided in-house during each skills session and key concepts are reinforced on every ride. Even still, we feel that being able to ride safely on road is a critical part of cycling, as it increases mobility and increases their freedom. Because of this, once per year we partner with Cycling Savvy or the League of American Bicyclists to provide more intensive traffic safety programs. Graduates of this program have increased self-confidence, which empowers them to explore their surroundings and ride more safely on city streets. These athletes also become more proficient at riding in groups, enabling them to safely maneuver groups around road hazards, in traffic and through intersections, and the like.

Foundational Skills

These early-engagement programs are viewed as integral to recruiting and retaining riders in our programs. In the foundational skills block, riders have fun while learning fundamentals of riding bikes as individuals as well as how to safely ride in a group. Groups are broken up based on age and experience, where they develop social connections and lasting friendships. As rider’s become more proficient the coaches will take the classes onto roads with low traffic. Graduates of this program have increased confidence and are expected to be safe riding on the road with their families, or in a group. Graduates of this class are invited to come to appropriately paced group rides that are on weekdays and weekends. Our advanced teenage riders as well as parents are encouraged to be role models and mentors, which is a steppingstone to becoming a coach for the program.

Sure-Start Riding Education

Our coached cycling sessions are another cornerstone within GS Andiamo and are broken into various levels. The coaches lead skills programs for youth and their families using many of our experienced riders as role models and mentors, who we develop into coaches. 

Local Race Programs

We usually promote 10 – 15 races per year that are open to the community including a summer twilight race series as well as weekend races. Theseraces are designed to be a key steppingstone into competitive athletics for riders of all ages and provide easy access for riders in our community. Graduates of the Early Bird program are encouraged to try these events so that they can gauge whether they enjoy competition.

Advanced Race Skills

We have built on the successes of the Beginning Racer programs to teach more advanced skills for our community both at the Redlands sports park and on roadways with low traffic. Graduates of this program build skills that allow them to be even more confident and effective whether they are riding alone, in groups, or in races.

Ride Leader Program

 We provide training on how to be a competent ride leader, reinforcing elements from the traffic safety courses. This is open to the most advanced youth riders, parents, and other clubs in our community. Graduates of this program gain confidence to lead club group rides.

Clinics & Camps

USA Cycling Beginning Racer Programs

We routinely teach the USACycling Beginning Racer Program for our cycling community, which is hosted at the Redlands sports park in partnership with the Redlands Parks and Recreation department and the City of Redlands. Graduates of this program gain further confidence and become safer riders who have more fun riding in groups. We find that this series is a critical step for athletes as it helps them realize whether they are interested in competing.

Advanced Clinics

Photo Credit: Road cycling UK

We offer specialty clinics on various topics for youth riders and other members of the cycling community throughout the year including group ride etiquette, pacelines and echelons, climbing and descending, sprinting, and even cover complex topics such as race caravans.